Friday, December 2, 2011

Catch up blog

Been a while so I am going to post a quick catch up blog...

Some people may have noticed that I have not being very active in the whole atheism/scepticism scene for the last few months. This I attribute to a few things such as working full time in a non-IT job, not having internet access at my home and organsisng future living arrangements, but the main reason is that my girlfriend is going through a high-risk prgnancy (which has already had some misfortune) and coping with that eats up a lot of time.

However, when all is finished I intend to start attending more 'drinking sceptically' and WS Freethinkers meetings. I also intend to pursue my new hobbies of learning more about computers and learning to rebuild internal combustion engines. With the first hobby I intend to become acquainted with LINUX based operating systems and open source software (I figure that as a fat guy in his mid 20s, I should know more about computers). With the second I wish to build a custom motorcycle for myself and one for my girlfriend.

My girlfriend and I are also delving into the rather interesting world of herpetology. No, not the science of making stupid faces, but the stiuy of reptiles. Our particular area of interest is snakes. We have a vivarium set up for our first snake (probably a Children's Python) and after seeing how that goes we will continue in collecting various snakes and lizards. Eventually I would like to set up a very awesome, very secure, indoor enclosure for an Inland Taipan or something similar. As my girlfriend has a degree in animal science (and I like animals) I am sure we can find a lot of pleasure in the study of these creatures.

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