Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inaugural Blog

Inaugural Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is The Reverend Doktor Bob and with any luck this is the first of many inane rants that I will get around to writing.

This blog will, at times, be used in conjunction with the 3 Thinkers podcast http://www.threethinkers.com/ (a podcast of the Western Sydney Freethinkers http://westernsydneyfreethinkers.blogspot.com/) and the blog of Skeptical Westie http://skepticalwestie.blogspot.com/.

The goal of this blog is to allow me to rant about the things that piss me off and also discuss the topics that Skeptical Westie, Non God Chick and I talk about on podcasts.

The focus of the blog will be on various religions, philosophy, quack medicine and the odd "anything goes" blog.

Dont have much time for much else at the moment, but you can follow me on twitter @ReverendDrBob if you like.

More posts to follow soon.

The Reverend Doktor Bob