Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Reverend Doktor's Fitness Freakout part 1

Last weigh in: 139.4kg
So after committing to a change in lifestyle, I had a double burden of work issues and health issues that delayed the kick-off of my health challenge. I’ve taken stock of what I need to do to start exercising more and come up with a list of things I need to get/do.
·         Shoes. I need to get a pair of shoes that are appropriate for exercise, as I only have a pair of pull-on work boots that I wear everywhere. I do have a pair of joggers at work, but they are kept at work so they won’t be contaminated by the outside world, which would increase the risk of infection in the patients. I need those for work as I am on my feet all day and couldn’t wear my work boots there for the same reason I shouldn’t exercise in work boots.
·         A calorie counter website/book. I need reference material for calories in food so I know how much I am eating each day.
·         A diary. I need to maintain a diary so I know how what/how much I’ve eaten and exercised.

That should do for the short term, but long term I would like to get an exercise machine so I can exercise at home. I will also incorporate weight lifting back into my exercise regime at some point, I enjoy it when I do it and can use it as a reward for my cardio workouts.
On the food front of the health kick, I’ve started cooking up bean/vegetable based stews using stir through Italian/Asian sauces or Cajun/Chilli spice mixes. No rice/pasta as that is unneeded carbs. I also try to have a proper breakfast of cereal and milk each morning.
After a weekend on the grog (again) I have decided to not cut down my drinking (though I probably should) but instead change what I drink. Instead of beer or spirit with coke, I may just stick to straight spirits – a huge reduction in sugars because I’m not mixing…and I’ll hopefully drink less.
I’ve also decided to stop watching TV/movies on my computer and only allowing myself to watch them as I exercise. Another reward system to help force myself into exercise.
That’s it for this update.
The Reverend Doktor Bob


  1. I love candy and have pretty much cut it from my diet. I miss sugar so much. :(

    The only thing I can think of as a tip is have fun with it. Rewards systems are good and finding meals you enjoy cooking helps. Good luck. :)

  2. Sounds like a good start, Bob.

  3. Good to know that you have made up your mind on getting fit, Keep the same momentum.